Foreign Trade Zone 147

The FTZ is considered outside the customs territory of the United States for the purposes of duty payment. Under zone procedures, the usual formal customs entry procedure and payment of duties are not required on merchandise unless it enters customs territory for domestic consumption, in which case the importer has a choice of paying duties on the original foreign material or the finished product.

FTZ 147 encompasses three sites in the Greater Reading region. The largest is located at the Reading Regional Airport and is comprised of 865 acres.

Foreign Trade Zone Advantages:

  • Import and store goods duty-free for an indefinite period
  • Process imported goods to reduce duties
  • Import merchandise subject to quota or high rater of duty for eventual re-export
  • Eliminate duties on re-exported foreign merchandise
  • Destroy or re-export defective goods and waste materials without paying duties
  • Lower inventory costs
  • Hold goods in excess of quota until the next quota period

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