Investing in Greater Reading Economic Partnership

Supporting Greater Reading Businesses

Economic development is the lifeblood of every community. Without it, businesses wouldn’t thrive and neighborhoods couldn’t form. Greater Reading Economic Partnership’s mission is to attract, retain, and grow businesses in Greater Reading. In other words, GREP drives economic development. That’s why an investment in Greater Reading Economic Partnership is so important—because an investment in GREP is an investment in your community.

We invite you to invest in results and invest in Greater Reading Economic Partnership.  Let’s work together to grow our community and create opportunities for everyone to be something greater.

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Learn more about the benefits of investing in GREP and check out our growing list of Investors.

At GREP, we are always working toward our mission, but our work has just begun.  Join us as we continue to help and support businesses that want to be something greater.

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Article Name
Investing in GREP
By investing in Greater Reading Economic Partnership, you will be investing in Greater Reading’s proactive community and the productive business environment.
Supporting Greater Reading Businesses