Business Success Stories

For some businesses, success is measured by revenue alone; for others, it’s measured by the impact the business makes on its community. Fortunately, the Greater Reading area is inherently built for business. Combine GREP’s vigorous approach to economic development with Greater Reading’s strategic location and spirited workforce, and you’ve got an environment in which anything is possible.

Learn How These Businesses Achieved Their Full Potential


TAB Industries, LLC

TAB Industries discovered more in Greater Reading than just an affordable, strategic location in southeastern Pennsylvania. They found easy access—to a labor pool with a strong work ethic, desirable transportation routes and an abundance of valuable, competent fabrication providers. In Greater Reading, TAB Industries found a dynamic community where they can expand and achieve great things.

“The Greater Reading area provides a lot of opportunities for our company. The resources that are available to us are a lot closer than in our previous location. Not only do we have the transportation routes close to us that get us to New York or Baltimore or the Washington area much quicker, but it also gives us a pool of labor that is unique to most places.” —Tom Brizek, President & CEO, TAB Industries, LLC

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Cambridge Lee Industries

When copper tube manufacturer Cambridge-Lee Industries decided to expand operations, they chose to build a new plant in Greater Reading. More than just an affordable, strategic location in southeastern Pennsylvania, Greater Reading gave them access to a skilled workforce, a choice of excellent properties, and a well-connected business community that streamlined the approval process—so they could break ground months ahead of schedule.

“All the stakeholders came together in one room, streamlined the decision process, made sure everyone knew what needed to be done instead of doing things sequentially, we were able to do things concurrently. Break ground in a month after we started the process and complete a whole 200,000 square foot facility in less than a year.” -Andrea Funk, CEO, Cambridge-Lee Industries

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