Cambridge-Lee Industries

How Cambridge-Lee went to market faster in Greater Reading

When copper tube manufacturer Cambridge-Lee Industries decided to expand operations, they chose to build a new plant in Greater Reading. More than just an affordable, strategic location in southeastern Pennsylvania, Greater Reading gave them access to a skilled workforce, a choice of excellent properties, and a well-connected business community that streamlined the approval process—so they could break ground months ahead of schedule.

“All the stakeholders came together in one room, streamlined the decision process, made sure everyone knew what needed to be done instead of doing things sequentially, we were able to do things concurrently. Break ground in a month after we started the process and complete a whole 200,000 square foot facility in less than a year.” -Andrea Funk, CEO, Cambridge-Lee Industries

Cambridge-Lee Industries Story

Cambridge-Lee Industries entered the copper tube industry in 1955 as a small distributor serving the U.S. plumbing market. Over the years, the company has evolved into one of the world’s largest distributors of copper with sales offices in every corner of the globe.

During 1993, Industrias Unidas S.A. de C.V. (IUSA), one of Mexico’s largest conglomerates, acquired Cambridge-Lee. IUSA has a modern, state-of-art copper refinery and tube mill in Pasteje Mexico. In 1996, Cambridge-Lee purchased Reading Tube Corporation, a major U.S. producer of copper tube. As a result of the merger and acquisition, Cambridge-Lee has become one of the world’s leaders in the manufacturing and distribution of copper tube for water supply, air conditioning, refrigeration and a variety of commercial applications.

Currently, Cambridge-Lee has three plants in Greater Reading, Pennsylvania. The expansion added a fourth plant. The company employs over 420 people-approximately 350 of those jobs are based in Greater Reading. The expansion created an additional 250 jobs.

How we helped Cambridge-Lee Industries

“Greater Reading Economic Partnership helps to connect the dots and helps to get quick resolution of problems that you have. -Andrea Funk, CEO, Cambridge-Lee Industries

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