SOLO Laboratories Inc. in Kutztown is not only about healthy and corrective options for feet, it also has a parallel approach with the environment.

The custom orthotics manufacturer opened in 1983, with SOLO an acronym for “Serve Others, Love Others.”

SOLO Labs orthotic insert

In recent years, this has translated not only to people’s well-being while walking but also the local community through the company’s smarter and more conscious efforts to slash how much of its product goes into landfills.

Podiatrists, physical therapists, chiropractors, orthotists, certified pedorthists and prosthetists are the medical clients ordering custom orthotics for their patients.

“The majority of our business comes from podiatrists,” Lindsay Sokol Szejko said.

The company also distributes braces and is considering producing them, said Sokol Szejko, whose parents, Barry and Barbara Sokol, were two of several founders of SOLO Laboratories Inc. more than three decades ago.

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