Location, location, location. Location is one of the largest factors to consider when planning an event. A great space can elevate an event to the next level and make it a mainstay in the community. So let’s take a look at The Reading Art Works, or RAW as its known, which is quickly becoming one of the premier event venues in the Greater Reading area. RAW is housed in what used to be a warehouse. The brick building in which RAW is located is stunning for weddings, as an art hub and is an awesome event space. The original architecture of the building remains with the wooden and steel beams echoing back to the past. The wide-open floor plan makes RAW an awesome event location, and its hardwood floors are perfect for breaking out your dancing shoes. With capacity for up to 350 guests for a sit-down dinner, 800 people for a reception and 700 for a theater style event, space is not an issue. Rates for events at this location can be found here on their website, Reading Art Works Rates. On the smaller end of events, the space can be made to accommodate more intimate events as well. This event pictured shows the versatility of the event space and is only limited to how creative you can be.

Layout of an event held at the Reading Art Works, tables are decorated in bright colors and paper lanterns adorn the ceiling

Reading Art Works styled in rich colors for event

Along with the one of a kind space, Reading Art Works also features different artists. These artists rent space and display their work at events and in the main area of RAW for all to see. The 6,660-square foot space in which events are held is where this venue shines. With touches of modern design and its historic roots, it truly makes for a one of a kind experience. If you happen to fall in love with the space, they have offices which you can rent on a yearly basis. These offices are perfect if you plan on going into the event planning field or are an aspiring artist. RAW is one of the many hidden gems of the Greater Reading Area. With each event it hosts, its popularity grows; it is quickly becoming one of the hottest locations around. So what are you waiting for? Check out RAW’s next event or even consider planning your own at their one-of-a-kind venue!

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