If you are in downtown Reading, you might smell ATV Bakery bread in the air coming from their 36 S Third St. location. ATV Bakery is a long-standing family ATV Bakery Logobusiness that truly embodies the American dream. In the early 1900’s, Paolo Alberti came to America from Palermo, Sicily and opened “Alberti’s Bakery.” For many years, the Albert’s competed with two other Sicilian bakers; Tomasi and Vecchio. After some time, Paolo’s son, Joe, decided to join forces with the Tomasi and Vecchio families and in 1941, ATV Bakery was born. Vecchio sold his stocks in the 50’s and Tomasi retired in 2004, leaving the operations solely to the Albert family.

Now, over seventy years and four generations later, ATV Bakery is still family owned. The company has been supplying their customers with the same original-recipe, hearth-baked breads, and rolls that Paolo brought over from Sicily. The commercial bakery manufacturers Italian bread and sandwich rolls for wholesale and retail distribution in the Greater Reading region.

As the company has grown and evolved, they have expanded into supplying foodservice companies. While their main product offerings are never frozen, to increase the life and sales of their product in the foodservice industry the company decided to invest in a freezer. To increase efficiency on the production side, the company also invested in an updated piece of equipment – a dough divider. Financing was critical to make the much-needed equipment investment. In 2011 ATV Bakery worked with the Greater Berks Development Fund to obtain $145,000 in financing for the freezer and dough processing equipment. 

The company operates out of a 35,000 square foot building and employs about 40 people.

Listen to their story and get a sneak peak into their facility below!

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