About Cambridge-Lee Industries LLC

Cambridge-Lee Industries is a copper-focused manufacturer and distributor for Plumbing, HVAC, Cambridge Lee Industries
Construction, Industrial and OEM markets.

Number of Employees: 508

Why commit to investing in Greater Reading Economic Partnership?

I believe in Berks County.  It’s a great place to do business and raise a family.  One of the most important ways to improve the future of our community is to attract and retain businesses to the area.  As CEO of a local company, GREP has been an excellent resource for us when we needed help with issues like zoning, or had questions about a state tax incentive program, or needed a connection or referral for a project we were working on.  GREP makes those connections.  In addition, GREP understands and supports the long term requirements of businesses in our community, such as the efforts they have put to Careers in Two Years or transportation programs, and GREP pulls the right people/organizations together to address local business concerns that are still on the horizon.  Cambridge-Lee is fortunate to be in a community that cares, and where we can get access to and the attention of decision makers, with the assistance of organizations such as GREP. – Andrea J. Funk


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Connect + Contact:

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Main Point of Contact: Andrea J. Funk, Chief Executive Officer

Phone: (610) 916.7768

Website: www.camlee.com

To learn more about investing in GREP click here or to become an investor drop us a line.