What is Made in Greater Reading?

Made in Greater Reading is a mini-series we created at GREP to showcase local companies. If you’ve been following our mini-series you already know what it’s all about. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s what you’ve been missing.Made in Greater Reading

We have been featuring companies that make products right here in Greater Reading. You may have heard about some of these companies and maybe there are some you’ve heard of but didn’t know were locally produced.

Some of the companies featured so far include:

As you can tell these featured companies produce a range of products from snack foods to batteries to gymnast leotards. The variety of products made in Greater Reading is enough to surprise anyone, whether you live here or not!

See a made in Greater Reading product in the grocery store? Drink wine from a local winery? Share your pictures with us using #madeinGreaterRdg.

Stay tuned for more made in Greater Reading companies.

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