About Cambridge-Lee Industries:

Cambridge-Lee is a copper tube manufacturer and was established in 1995. Cambridge-Lee has since grown to become one of Cambridge-Lee Copper Tubing_EDITthe world’s largest distributors of copper with sales offices internationally.

Some of the products manufactured by Cambridge-Lee include:

  • Full range of copper plumbing tube suitable for water service and distribution, fire protection, solar, drainage, and fuel oil and gas distribution
  • HVAC & Refrigeration products including linesets, refrigeration tube, OXY Med Capped Tube and Nitrogen Charged Tube
  • Industrial Tubing
  • Industrial Metals

Want to know more about Cambridge-Lee and its expansion in Greater Reading? Check out the video below.

Location: 86 Tube Drive, Reading, PA 19605

For more information about Cambridge-Lee Industries visit their website

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