Berks County has many positive qualities when it comes to potential economic development, a business strategist told a group of business leaders Thursday Janet Ady Speakingmorning on April 30, 2015.

However, it also has several drawbacks.

“There is no utopia,” said Janet Ady, president and CEO of Madison, Wis.-based Ady Advantage. “There is no perfect place, or everybody would be there.”

The important thing, Ady said, is for leaders to have a good, objective sense of what their assets are and to identify those areas that are the weakest, so they can develop a plan to work on them.

Ady was speaking to an audience of Berks County business leaders at the Greater Reading Economic Partnership’s “Why Greater Reading? Why Not?” breakfast at the Abraham Lincoln hotel, 100 N. Fifth St. A second-generation economic-development strategist, Ady works with economic-development organizations as well as businesses that are growing and expanding and looking to relocate. She sees that as a symbiotic relationship, because she understands the challenges that communities face and also understands what businesses need as they’re making relocation decisions.

“So I kind of feel like I’m the economic development whisperer, and it’s my job to make sure that both sides understand what the other side needs to have really good, fair relationships,” she said.

Ady said Berks County’s positives include competitive wages, good highway access and diversity.

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A segment of the presentation can be viewed below: