Greater Reading Economic Partnership (GREP) is pleased to announce the organization has been awarded the prestigious President’s Award by the Northeastern Economic Developers Association 2014 NEDA President's Award(NEDA) for a marketing campaign featuring local Greater Reading companies.

Each year the NEDA awards committee likes to recognize the most outstanding submittal they received and reviewed during the evaluation process by giving the President’s Award to that organization or community.

Pamela Shupp, AICP, CEcD, GREP’s vice president, accepted the award on behalf of the organization at the NEDA Annual Conference on September 8, 2014 in Worcester, MA.  The campaign was coordinated by Aaron Gantz, GREP’s marketing manager.

About the Marketing Campaign:

“One of the ways we work towards our mission is to empower our local companies to share their stories of thriving in Greater Reading,” Gantz said.   The success story campaign series features four companies (Bills Khakis, Cambridge-Lee Industries, Metals Your Way and TAB Industries) and their leaders:

  1. Bills Khakis
  2. Cambridge-Lee Industries
  3. Metals Your Way
  4. TAB Industries

Their stories center around three main themes we use to support the Greater Reading brand:

  • A community built for business;
  • A highly skilled workforce—and great lifestyle; and
  • A heritage where great things happen

For more information on the Greater Reading community feel free to call us at (610) 376.4237 or fill out our contact form here.