James Nwaba + Paul Mazzotta + Tina Weyant

Tina Weyant of World Trade Center of Harrisburg, James Nwaba of Abodo Business Solutions and Paul Mazzotta of Cospro

It’s the journey taken that most inspires budding entrepreneurs when they meet or read about Abodo Business Solutions president and CEO, James Nwaba.

He found his purpose from his father while growing up in Nigeria, a country where people often face skin problems due to harsh weather conditions (excessive heat and dry winds in particular). Most lotions that prevent or treat skin damage were produced with a “one size fits all” mentality.  Nwaba’s father requested that his son study chemistry and bring a solution to directly answer the needs of the Nigerian population.

Nwaba obtained degrees in both chemistry and industrial chemistry before moving to the United States in 1995. For a decade, he worked as an analytical chemist at various companies while developing skin care products and settling in Berks county. In 2011, he was ready to launch his own business, naming the company after his late father: Abodo Business Solutions.

It was in 2013 that he turned to Greater Reading Economic Partnership to help connect him with the right resources. We led him to:

Through the vision of a true entrepreneur and a network of supportive area organizations, Nwaba’s first goal has been met: Export and sell his product in Nigeria. He hopes to continue growing his business, with growth in additional countries where conditions would also make his skin care products desirable.

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