As a metals distributor, materials project manager and custom fabricator, Metals Your Way makes life easier for customers by meeting their exact specifications. Greater Reading Chris Hovan of Metals Your Waydoes the same for Metals Your Way. More than an affordable, strategic location in southeastern Pennsylvania, Greater Reading offers access to skilled workers,visionary industry leaders, and a business network with connections to the right partners and programs. It’s a unique place where great companies and greater opportunities can easily find each other.

“We wanted to move into the City to make some changes to try to boost manufacturing as much as possible.  The people here are great.”–Chris Hovan, Vice President, Metals Your Way

The vision of Metals Your Way was a superstore of a one-stop-shop that anybody from the streets can come in and tell us exactly what they wanted and we would provide it exactly as they say. The exact size, if they needed holes on it, whatever they needed, that’s how they would get their material.  Metals Your Way has now evolved further, focusing primarily on material and project management.

“There’s been a wealth of resources like GREP and others that really link you together. To get any information that you really need, it’s there for you. The Greater Reading Economic Partnership not only points you in the right direction, but they go the extra mile to make sure that you get there. They’re always there for you.”—Chris Hovan, Vice President, Metals Your Way

Our business community is proactive, agile and interconnected. This highly supportive environment makes it easier for businesses to find and take advantage of new opportunities—and achieve greater success.

Greater Reading Economic Partnership can connect you to all the right resources to fast track your success.  Contact us to learn more.