TAB Industries home in Greater Reading

TAB Industries expanded in Greater Reading to accommodate their growth, but their decision was based on more than strategic location.  As a family based business, they felt the Greater Reading community not only supported growth of business, but it allowed them to extend their family environment to the community.  The team at TAB Industries feels like they are part of something bigger–they feel at home in Greater Reading.  Tom Brizek stated “people generally want you to succeed, and we thrive on that.”

More than just a great centralized location that’s affordable, Greater Reading is a supportive business community with a dynamic, interconnected network.   We want to attract companies with core values that are similar to our own—ambitious, resourceful, honest, practical, creative and community-centric.  And companies that want to be bigger, better or more efficient versions of themselves.  We want to attract companies that want to be something greater.

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