Competitive Advantages

Greater Reading’s cost-effective, strategic location is just the beginning. Our community is home to countless benefits that make it an ideal environment to conduct business. Find new opportunities via our supportive business network, take advantage of our diverse population and passionate workforce, and tap into the visionary thinking that built our resilient past all to create a profitable future.

Setting Your Business Up for Success

Just as it takes an entire company working in harmony to serve and support a customer, it takes an entire community working together to serve and support its economic development.100 Million People Overnight Drive

  • 100 million people within an overnight drive, representing a huge market for your business
  • An array of Class-A office buildings, industrial parks, manufacturing sites, and prime retail locations to set up shop
  • A reliable electric grid to keep your business up and running
  • Low risk for natural disasters, providing you with additional peace of mind
  • Exceptional management relations for the ultimate convenience
  • A low-wage, high-quality manufacturing infrastructure

Contact us today to experience the competitive advantages and unique opportunities that Greater Reading has to offer.


Article Name
Competitive Advantages
Greater Reading offers competitive advantages for businesses, including geographic convenience, a diverse workforce, reliable utilities, and much more.